Patterson Nut Company, Inc. values its relationships with our growers. We are walnut growers ourselves and the Jensen Family is one of our largest growers. As growers, we realize and appreciate the effort it takes to produce quality walnuts. Great pride is taken at Patterson Nut Company in our relationships with our growers and appreciate the amount of trust placed in us to treat our growers crop just like our own.

Our facility is capable of processing both shelled and inshell walnuts. This versatility has led to the development of strong and stable relationships with both domestic and foreign buyers. We ship product to many different countries around the world. Over the years, we have had a history of paying reliable and competitive grower prices. We offer flexibility to our growers as far as payment options, together with the kind of personal and one-on-one service you can expect from a family owned and operated company.

We believe our track record speaks for itself and would be happy to discuss it further.
To learn more about joining our family of growers, please call Kirk Jensen at 209-892-3458.